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Pupil Feedback

Anne Lenton School of DrivingHere are some quotes from some of the pupils who have successfully passed their test after completing lessons with Anne Lenton School of Driving.

View feedback from international drivers.

"Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your knowledge and experience which enabled me to pass my test first time. Your driving experience was valuable from the beginning in making me feel at ease and confident in my abilities to drive the best I can."
Lewis aged 17 (passed in 20 hours)

"Anne was a wonderful driving instructor, who taught me the skills I needed throughout my learning experience. I would recommend Anne to absolutely everyone, as she was so kind and patient with me when I made silly mistakes. Before many lessons, especially at the beginning, I was incredibly anxious, however Anne was reassuring when teaching me. Learning to drive was something I was really keen to do when I turned 17, and I am so pleased I had Anne to teach me such an important skill. Thank you so much again!"
From Zoe Cross :)

"I have been with Anne from start to finish on my driving journey, and her way of teaching allowed me to pass my test 1st time, even though I convinced myself otherwise! I am so grateful to her for everything she has done to make sure I pass this test, and I plan to stay with her for the Pass Plus scheme too. I can't recommend her highly enough, she has the patience of a saint but will tell you off when you need it too, which in my opinion is great! If you are looking for an instructor who will teach you well but also treat you with respect and have a giggle with you, look no further than this lovely lady. She is amazing =] Thank you so much Anne!"
Sara Fynn, 24

"I started driving with Anne after only having a few lessons when I was 17. I was very nervous to begin with but Anne made me feel comfortable from my first lesson. She let me get behind the wheel straight away and gave me the confidence and skills to be comfortable driving through her patient method of teaching and her skills at explaining situations and procedures on the road. With the areas in which I needed more practice (roundabouts!) we focused on these before the test to ensure I was ready. Anne was very good at explaining how I could improve and ensured I was able to apply the tips she was giving me to become a better driver. I passed my test first time with no minors all thanks to Anne! Apart from learning to drive and passing the test I also had a really great time with her, she is a really lovely lady and I would thoroughly recommend learning to drive with her!"
Amy Quantrill

"I hadn’t driven since my initial attempt to pass my practical test at the age of nineteen. At twenty seven, I became motivated to achieve my full UK driving license with the intention to use it shortly after. As a psychology degree student, I understand the value of support in the facilitation of learning. With this in mind, I decided to search around for whom I thought would be the best instructor for me. I felt very relaxed about booking an initial lesson, which I certainly can’t say for other driving schools. I was also delighted to see that Anne had a concessionary rate for students. When I started I felt anxious about driving again, but Anne had no lack of confidence in me. This really helped me overcome my initial challenges. I valued Anne’s depth of experience, assertiveness and honesty with feedback, meaning I knew exactly where I was with my progression. For example, Anne seemed to know exactly how I was doing, and therefore supported this with the most effective and concise technical instruction. This meant my skills improved optimally from lesson to lesson. As I improved, I enjoyed driving more and more. What I thought was most impressive was how accommodating Anne was when I needed to fit in nine hours of lessons before my practical test during a reading week, after having gone back to the University of Liverpool for six weeks. After the first of these, we made a decision on whether I should keep my test date. Anne maintained honesty with how I was doing, and instilled belief in me that I could pass. I passed with only three minors for which I’m very grateful.  I’m now looking forwards to driving again!"
Thomas Goldswain, 27

"I was nervous about learning to drive, as my experience with a previous instructor hadn't been very positive, however Anne put me completely at ease and I felt very comfortable driving with her.
She was a very supportive instructor and I cannot recommend her highly enough! She is very flexible and lessons easily fit around my university commitments.
Now I have passed my test and drive with confidence! :)
Thank you Anne! I couldn't have done it without you."
Debbie, 21

"Anne was a fantastic instructor who got me through my test after a break of 20 odd years. Having failed four times as a student, coming back as a learner in my forties was daunting. However, Anne's patience and intuitive style got me through first go back. I can't say how glad I was that I chose to learn with Anne over other instructors in the area, as she can see where you need guidance and where you need encouragement. I completely trusted Anne, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to any first-time learner driver, or someone coming back to try to pass their test after several years off the road as I was.
Thanks to Anne, I am now a confident and safe driver."

“I moved to Ann from a different driving instructor and it was by far the right choice. Ann taught me in a patient and kind manner and was very flexible. I passed first time without any minors and can’t thank Ann enough. I would highly recommend her to anyone thinking about learning to drive. Thank you again for teaching me – you were great.”
Joanna Hayles 17

"Thank you very much for teaching me how to drive and help me pass my test! ...also for teaching my Mum and my Nan who also passed first time too!"
Jess 17

"Thanks for all your support and time you spent teaching me to drive. I have enjoyed every minute working with you it has been great! thanks again"
Beckie 17

"Learning to drive in my forties was daunting. Anne was so professional and reassuring. I passed first time. I now have the freedom to visit family and friends......1st class service."
Angela Tyers, 43

"Anne built up my confidence when I switched from another driving school. Her patience and encouragement prepared me well for my test, passed no problem, first time too!"
Kathy Barker, 18

"Thanks for all your help and patience, couldn't have done it without you. Friendly service, reasonable rates, and prepared me well for my test, 10 out of 10."
Matthew Johnson, 17

"Thanks for getting me through it, can't thank you enough. Fantastic instructor, still can't believe I am driving".
Melissa Bull, 27

"Thanks again for everything, you were brilliant, you put me at ease with your friendly manner, and you never gave up on me. I now drive everywhere, I could not have made it without you. I will recommend you to all my friends and work colleagues."
Mandy Webster, 22

"Anne was a great teacher and I passed first time. I stayed with her for pass plus lessons and gained the certificate which made my car insurance a lot cheaper".
Daniel Pickering, 17

"Anne was always able to fit lessons around my schedule, she would even meet me from college and drop me back before my next class. I'd recommend her to every student"
Alex Colburn, 18

And some comments from our International Drivers:

"After driving around the US and in other countries for 25 years, I was a bit annoyed at having to take a UK driving test. I put if off as long as I could and then, based on the recommendation of a friend, called Anne for a couple 'UK specific' driving lessons. I'm so glad I did. I was comfortable driving, but passing the practical test is a different thing. It is rather difficult. Anne helped me fine tune my driving for the UK roads. She also let me know EXACTLY what to expect from the practical test. Her service was invaluable. And I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to other international driver's faced with the daunting UK driving test."
Andrea 42

"Being impressed by a substantial number of positive feedbacks, I contacted Anne just a couple of months before the expiry of my theory test. Anne proved a true professional, who knows how to teach practical driving. She explains driving techniques in a simple way so an inexperienced driver (as I was) can easily understand how to approach various road situations. Apart from being an excellent instructor, she is a very nice, friendly person. I enjoyed every lesson, passed the test 1st time and would certainly recommend Anne to those who are seeking high quality driving lessons."
Marina L

“Many people at my company have used Anne and she is consistently endorsed by all. She is thorough and clear and while friendly, she is tough and means business, but so does the DVLA. In my case this was great, as I was taking the process less seriously than I should have. I spent 7 hours driving with Anne and several more hours practicing on my own. I got very serious about it. The test was fair, but many things that Anne and I practiced over and over again as well as routes were familiar and her coaching was invaluable. I passed and am a better driver as well”

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your great driving instructions. Not only did I pass the UK practical exam, but I had zero fouls for a perfect exam!!! That never would have happened without your guidance. You were so patient and so kind with your instructions. Scheduling lessons was very simple as you were so flexible in your availability. I would recommend you to anyone needing driving lessons.
Thank you, again!"

"Anne, thank you so much for the wonderful driving lessons you gave me. Your calm, encouraging and infomative ways of teaching are just what I needed to pass my driving practical exam the first time. After driving for 40 years in the U.S., it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks, but you did it! Your calm and ecouraging words just before walking in to take the test are just what I needed to help calm my nerves to take my test! I could not ask for a better driving instructor! Thanks again"

"I couldn't have done it without you! Going from not knowing what the heck I was doing in those crazy roundabouts to passing with a perfect sheet was a miracle! The only downside to passing is that I now won't get to see you, and I so enjoyed your company. Thanks so much for successfully navigating me through this stressful process! Warm Regards"
Sue Nahill

"I’ve held a US driver’s license for 18 years and drove in the UK for one year on this license. Imagine my anguish when I failed the practical exam not once but twice! I was very fortunate to have found Anne at this point. Unlike other instructors (I tried two previously), Anne treated me as an experienced driver and taught me what I needed to know, without imposing silly rules often taught to beginners. I passed with flying colors and words cannot describe how grateful I am and how highly I recommend her."
Olivera Grubisha

"I can't thank you enough for helping me pass the practical driving test on my first attempt! As an international driver, obtaining a British driving licence seemed too daunting. I was anxious and completely overwhelmed with the challenge of mastering skills required to drive legally and safely in England. Your calm approach to teaching really put me at ease. You were acutely aware that I needed reassurance to build my driving confidence and always ended each lesson with a positive comment. I can say without a doubt that I wouldn't have passed the practical driving test without your expertise and gentle guidance. Thanks again!"
Kathy Dunkel

"I took 10 lessons with Anne. That may be an over-kill possibly, however I do not have a stick shift car and needed to be permitted to drive both types. I used her car to take my test. Anne could not have been more helpful or more patient. She is a very experienced teacher and knows exactly what you need to learn and how to take the test properly. I enjoyed every minute being with her. I passed my test the first time, for manual as well as automatic. She has become a personal friend and I highly recommend her. She has taught many of my colleagues and every one of them has enjoyed the experience."
Sharyn St. Clair

"Anne did a great job of preparing me for the UK Practical Driving Examination. We had 7 1/2 hours of lessons and I passed on my first try. I felt I was well qualified even though I was not driving my own car (which did not have two outside mirrors and was left-hand drive). I can't thank her enough."

"As an American driver, I highly recommend Anne. Driving over here isn't so straight forward and she gets you going in the right direction. She's flexible on scheduling lessons around your work commitments and the bottomline is, I passed the first time. thx Anne! If you're an American needing a UK licence and live around Heathrow, Anne's your best bet!"
Tom Rivers, 55

"You have a lot of brilliant recommendations on your website, but if you’d like another international one, here you go:
I was a 15-year driver in the United States but found that the UK driving text expectations are much, much higher. After disliking the experience I had with a large UK driving school instructor, I switched to Anne to prepare for the test. Anne provided fantastic instruction and I can honestly say I learned a lot. Despite my clean US driving record, there is no question I am now a much better driver. I passed the test with no errors and that is entirely thanks to Anne’s guidance!"

"Many thanks Anne for helping me prepare for the UK driver's test. I've been driving in the U.S. for roughly 25 years, but was nonetheless a bit intimidated by the prospect of the driving test. Your clear, concise and pertinent instruction was exactly what I needed. Our lessons taught me what to expect during the test, and provided me with the confidence gained though proper preparation. Your expert guidance was invaluable."

"Like many other adult drivers who have moved to the UK, I found the process of getting a driving license quite daunting (and procrastinated doing so for years!) Driving with Anne made the experience so much easier than expected. Lessons were informative and enjoyable. She provided all of the tips I needed to pass the test on my first try and helped me become a better and more comfortable driver in the UK. I can’t say enough good things about the service and kind direction Anne provided.
Thanks so much!"

"Dear Anne,
I would like to thank you so much for all your help with my driving lessons and you were expecting ‘’clear sheet’’ on exam, which I have achieved. Without your help this would not be possible to be honest. I have enjoyed our lessons very much and I loved your professional approach in explaining the details as they are really important to know to pass the practical test.
If I am to describe your driving sessions in 3 words I would say: 'drive to excellence'.
Many thanks again"
Firuz Salamov (originaly from Azerbaijan)

"There's no substitute for experience"