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Anne built up my confidence when I switched from another driving school. Her patience and encouragement prepared me well for my test, passed no problem, first time too! Kathy Barker

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Theory & Practical Driving Tests

Practical Driving Test and Official Theory test information from Anne Lenton School of DrivingThe THEORY TEST has two parts to it. The first section is a multiple choice quiz where you will have to answer 50 questions via a touch screen computer. To pass, you will need to answer at least 43 of the questions correctly. You will be given 15 minutes prior to the test to practice.

The second section of the theory test involves a hazard perception test. A video tutorial will explain the test. There will be fourteen video clips about 1 minute long each. You will have to click when you think there is a hazard that would cause you to stop/slow down. You will have to score 44 or more points to pass.

Directgov links: Book your Theory Test | Take an official practice Theory Driving Test


The Practical Test from 4th December 2017

In the PRACTICAL TEST you will be asked to read a car registration plate to check your eyesight at 20 metres. This will be followed by two simple car maintenance questions ('show me, tell me') – view some official sample questions.

The driving test will last about 40 minutes. In order to pass the test you will need to show that you have a good understanding of various types of road and traffic conditions and that you can deal with them safely.


The examiner will ask you 2 vehicle safety questions during your driving test - these are known as 'show me, tell me' questions – view some official sample questions:


The independent driving will increase to 20 minutes. This will either be following direction signs from the examiner or from a sat nav. One in 5 driving tests won't use a sat nav; you'll need to follow traffic signs instead.

The examiner will provide the sat nav (a TomTom Start 52) and set it up. The examiner will set the route so it does not matter what make or model of sat nav you practice with. You cannot use your own sat nav – you have to use the one supplied by the examiner. You will be able to ask the examiner for confirmation of where you are going if you're not sure. It won't matter if you go the wrong way unless you make a fault while doing it.


The ‘reverse around a corner’ and ‘turn-in-the-road’ manoeuvres will no longer be tested, but you should still be taught them by your instructor.

You’ll be asked to do one of 3 possible reversing manoeuvres:


Pass mark and length of test are NOT changing.

You will need to bring both parts of your provisional licence ..

Directgov link: Book your Practical Test

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